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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Butler, R., Bernier, P. M., Lefebvre, J., Gilbert, G., & Whittingstall, K. (2017). Decorrelated Input Dissociates Narrow Band γ Power and BOLD in Human Visual Cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 37(22), 5408–5418.

Butler, R., Bernier, P. M., Mierzwinski, G. W., Descoteaux, M., Gilbert, G., & Whittingstall, K. (2019). Cortical distance, not cancellation, dominates inter-subject EEG gamma rhythm amplitude. NeuroImage, 192, 156–165.

Butler, R., Gilbert, G., Descoteaux, M., Bernier, P. M., & Whittingstall, K. (2017). Application of polymer sensitive MRI sequence to localization of EEG electrodes. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 278, 36–45.

Butler, R., Mierzwinski, G. W., Bernier, P. M., Descoteaux, M., Gilbert, G., & Whittingstall, K. (2020). Neurophysiological basis of contrast dependent BOLD orientation tuning. NeuroImage, 206, 116323.


Cote, S., Butler, R., Michaud, V., Lavallee, E., Croteau, E., Mendrek, A., Lepage, J. F., & Whittingstall, K. (2021). The regional effect of serum hormone levels on cerebral blood flow in healthy nonpregnant women. Human Brain Mapping, 42(17), 5677–5688.

Deslauriers-Gauthier, S., Lina, J. M., Butler, R., Bernier, P. M., Whittingstall, K., Deriche, R., & Descoteaux, M. (2017). Inference and visualization of information flow in the visual pathway using dMRI and EEG. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Including Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 10433 LNCS, 505–512.

Deslauriers-Gauthier, S., Lina, J. M., Butler, R., Whittingstall, K., Gilbert, G., Bernier, P. M., Deriche, R., & Descoteaux, M. (2019). White matter information flow mapping from diffusion MRI and EEG. NeuroImage, 201, 116017.

Forouhandehpour, R., Bernier, M., Gilbert, G., Butler, R., Whittingstall, K., & van Houten, E. (2021). Cerebral stiffness changes during visual stimulation: Differential physiological mechanisms characterized by opposing mechanical effects. Neuroimage: Reports, 1(2), 100014.

Preprints on

Jiang, Y., Ayoub, M., Mhamdi, A., & Butler, R. (2022). Inter-group Heterogeneity of Regional Homogeneity (REHO). BioRxiv, 2022.08.29.505722.

Orooji, F., & Butler, R. (2022). Applying Unet for extraction of vascular metrics from T1-weighted and T2-weighted MRI. BioRxiv, 2022.12.18.520922.

Conference Abstracts

Master's Theses:

Maryam Alipasandi (graduated 2022) link to thesis

Mehdi Zoghinia (graduated 2021) link to thesis

Farnaz Orooji (graduated 2021) link to thesis

Yan Jian (graduated 2021) link to thesis



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