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Submit your application to study in Canada

Apply at the link below:

Application instructions:

Submit your CV, transcript, and letter of intent to the above link under 'thesis-based'. List Dr. Butler as your intended supervisor. Admission is based primarily on your grades and the institution you attended as an undergrad. A background in Computer Science is a bonus, but not required.

Admission requirements

A degree in natural science from a reputable university is required for admission to the thesis-based Computer Science stream. See here for alternative program if you do not meet this requirement.

Tuition fees for international students in Canada

As of 2023, thesis-based graduate students must complete 45 credits at $638.45 CAD per credit, for a grand total of $28,730.25 CAD to obtain a master's degree. Our lab offers funding support to cover the majority of these fees.

English language requirements for studying in Canada

Proof of English language proficiency is required. See here for more details.

Student services and support for international students in Canada

We offer funding support as well as a comprehensive array of Student Services including health, mentoring, and career.

Student Visa for Canada

Once you have received your offer of admission, you can apply for a student Visa to study in Canada. At this time, you should contact Dr. Butler who will provide you with a letter of funding support to speed up the Visa application process.

Other programs offered

You can also submit an application to the individualized master's program if you do not have a background in the natural sciences.

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